Thursday, June 6, 2013

This summer is going to be used to expand my sewing abilities and styles! Here is the 2nd project - a silk vintage dress~

 I am still taking orders for the Matching Girl and Doll Clothing so please check out what is available  Fee free to contact me if you have any questions about what is for sale off the rack at Hope to hear from you soon!!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

~Summer Sewing~

Good Evening all!

It has been quite some time since I updated hasn't it? Well, here is a little bit of what I've done over the summer. 

I was given the incredible opportunity to make and fit the bridesmaid dresses for a wedding! It was quite an experience but I learned alot in the process and truly enjoyed making them! 

Beautiful Bride and Bridesmaids 

Bridesmaid's Variations

The Wedding Party

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and please leave a comment! Also don't forget to check out our Clothing page! New Fall and Winter Jumper's will be coming soon!!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New dress!

Sewing has been busy this winter during the Christmas season!! In the middle of it all I had time to make a new dress!! It is sleeveless with a crisscross front and a nice length. I wear it with a little brown sweater.

Here is a side view -

I love this dress because it looks elegant yet is very comfortable - always a plus!

For a more Christmas-y themed sewing project I made a poinsettia wall hanging.

This was difficult since I have not had experience in quilting but I enjoyed a new challenge apart from regular orders.

I hope to be adding a new dress to the Pioneer line for girls sizes 3-6. It is a very darling style dress with a ruffled pinafore!

Happy sewing!


Friday, September 3, 2010

New Creation and Store

Recently a very wonderful and inspiring friend of mine gave me some beautiful evening gown fabrics - so a couple weeks ago I designed and made a dolly evening gown. It was only the fourth or fifth time I have ever needed to completely design something from scratch but I am pleased with the outcome!!! Here are some pictures!!



Soon, I also hope to rent out or barter for a sewing room hopefully close to our living space which would be absolutely fantastic!!

Also, I was recently given the opportunity to buy a space at a local store to display our matching girl and doll outfits!!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

P. S. i quilt

Yes, there has been much irregularity to this blog..... But with the sun calling me outside and school planning inside besides all the other interruption we have around our house - I have let sewing take a break for a little while besides small projects here and there to keep me sane!!

Not long ago I was searching for a way to use up all of my scrap material that I have left over from making the dresses when I stumbled across this blog called P.S. i quilt . I have made the friendship bag many times and have enjoyed experimenting to use up many of my scrap fabrics!! Please take time to look over Rachel's blog!! She is an amazing seamstress!! I do not however believe that she is a Christian though I haven't spent an extensive amount of time on her blog besides admiring her sewing work.



Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Long Due Update

I found this picture on google and loved it!! 

Sewing has been slow....It is so gorgeous outside that I have a difficult time staying inside - though AC is very nice on especially humid days!! But getting work done over at the farm is much more alluring and exciting!!

My most recent project was a jean dress that I made for myself using a tee shirt I adore as a pattern!! Mom says it looks very adorable but I think it is missing something. . . .hhhhmmmm...I haven't figured that out though!!

Also lately I have been busy mending for a large family at our church, my great Uncle Earl, and family clothing repairs!! Though I don't enjoy mending as much as creating, it helps me to learn ALOT by working with different styles, materials, and constructions!!

My new car hobby has been working on some cross stitch/embroidery stars to make into a quilt!! Last Monday I finally finished them up!! I want to post a picture of them but cannot due to some technical difficulties. . . .They have been a very fun project!!

Well, it is getting past my bedtime so I must go,


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sewing Projects

Good Morning!!

   It is very blustery here in North Carolina today......but I don't mind because that means a good sewing day!! It was so beautiful a couple weeks prior that I had put off all of my projects to spend time outside in the beautiful sunshine!!
   I've been working on a Nightgown Set and a Williamsburg special order. They are both starting to come together and looking more and more like what they are supposed too!
  The Nightgown set is missing the matching doll dress and nightcap and the Williamsburg needs the pinner cap and buttons to be complete!!
    While working on the Williamsburg yesterday my serger (that wonderful thing!!) started to act up with a mind of its own. . .I told mommy that I wished it had some feelings so that I could give it a piece of my mind. Sergers are VERY temperamental!! It eventually decided to work after I re-threaded it over and over and over again!! =D I think God was trying to teach me patience!! I am very pleased how well the serger finishes the edges but it is very stubborn sometimes. . .
   Well, I better get going before the day is all gone!! Oh! Before I go I need to mention that I have  added a new feature to my blog (that took a while =)) so that you all can be more involved. It is a poll that asks which dress is your favorite! Please give me suggestions if you have any other ideas that would be fun to have a poll for!!

   Have a wonderful day!!